Thursday, May 4, 2017

In Which the #VintagePledge is Undertaken

Dear Reader,

Today I've made the decision to join in with the #VintagePledge for 2017. After spending many an hour pouring over the Bibliothèque nationale de France's archive, I have collected together a modest set of patterns. Taken from the pages of La Mode du Jour, the patterns date from 1925-26. For my pledge I have selected a from their number an assortment of patterns to be the humble beginnings of a capsule travel wardrobe. And so, my pledge in full below;

My #VintagePledge
During 2017, I, Miss Bee, pledge to sew part of a 1920's styled capsule travel wardrobe, using patterns from La Mode du Jour.

I shall begin the challenge by testing my pattern selection, which I shall document further over this coming month. It is my hope you will enjoy it. 

In other news, I shall endevour to write again soon as I have finished a number of other projects these last months. In addition, I must complete a full report of my travels to Japan. I hope you will like the new format.

Remember, dear reader, that you too can join the #VintagePledge by clicking the image below and making your own pledge.

My warmest regards,
Miss Bee 

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