Saturday, June 7, 2014

Style Swap for International Lolita Day June 2014

Happy International Lolita Day~!

For a little fun, since there was no comm event for the occassion this year, Thali and I decided to try a little something different! Truthfully our style doesn't really cross over a lot. We both have very different colour preferences and cuts that are flattering for one of us can be a bit awkward on the other. Once we sat down to think if there was a dress in common that we would both one day like and- we couldn't really think of one! Thankfully, we have PepFox to twin in still~

Our task was to choose a piece from our wardrobe for the other, for Thali I chose Honey Cake! Since it has brown details that I could match so that she wasn't too uncomfortable in so much pink! The shoes and hat are actually her own, the hat was her Christmas present last year. I was happy to be able to use it ♥ She's such a cute little bear!

For me, Thali chose Grazia crown. It was very different for me. Though I think we style quite similarly sometimes (I think I could have pushed Thali's coordinate a little sweeter if I had liked, but I am really kind) the colour swap is quite dramatic for us!

I resolved even more to try and hunt for Little Bear's Cafe after this. Truthfully I always wanted it in mint, but more than ever before I want to buy it in ivory or brown as well, so that we might be able to twin! Thali tells me that she wanted to own Grazia Crown in other colours already, but now she hopes to also use it to twin- I think it could be fun!

I hope you all had a lovely day!

I am wearing:
Innocent World Grazia Crown Jumperskirt in Black
Taobao Bought Shoes
Offbrand Blouse, Tights and Headband

Thali is wearing:
Angelic Pretty Honey Cake Round Jumperskirt in Pink
and 2012 Lucky Pack Boston Bag in Pink
Ergi Bear Hood
Offbrand Blouse, Tights and Shoes

Thanks for looking~

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