Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Something Old Revisted

 Could it be? Yes indeed! If you remember I talked about the beginning of my lolita life here. Well it happened that my cousin was selling the dress and so I decided to take it back off her hands! I'm not actually sure if I'll wear it, since it's just not my style and full shirring just isn't flattering but it's nice to have a piece like this.

I tried to keep with my original coordinate with this dress, as seen in the above post. I brought back Usakumya, though in the smaller size, Kokokun is my original bunny bear in the medium size and was more difficult to get to. I kept to a white blouse, using the Innocent World Long Hem. I no longer have the RHS but I decided to try and stick to using Baby the Stars Shine Bright where possible, thus I used Heart Buckles (these were once as popular as tea parties!), one of two pairs of Baby socks that I still own and a little bow hair comb. 

In my original coordinate I wore a gold key necklace. I actually still have that piece but I think it was too long so I used a shorter plain necklace (altered from the pair of earrings I spoke of here). I think it still keeps to the old school, nostalgic feel of the coordinate- but it's a lot nicer! I could really do with a bigger petticoat though sometimes, or my current one just needs a bit of TLC ...

I had wanted to show of the cute bustle back, but I thought I'd spare you- the dress needs to pop by the dry cleaner and a have a good iron/steam first!

Looking at it, I really feel like I've grown but I'll absolutely remember where I started from and for me this was pretty much the epitome of sweet lolita.
Thanks for looking~


  1. Really cute outfit, the colors go really well together. :)