Friday, October 31, 2014

New Arrival Cameo Window

Not to long ago AP had a 30% off sale. I had some savings set aside so I decided to go for a couple of pieces- one for me and one for Thali. My choice was the Cameo Window skirt in pink. It is so so beautiful in real life (though I'm still not fond of tiered skirts whether they be on skirts or jumperskirts). I think I need to play around with it a bit more to come up with a coordinate I really like, but here it is with the Magic Cat Street blouse for extra princess points.

Thanks for looking~


  1. Oh this looks wonderful! I like the light pink. :)

  2. Dat detail, omg. Seriously though, that skirt is really so pretty in person, AP's pictures don't do it justice (because AP's photos are terrible, lbr)

    1. Why was it not more popular??? My gain I guess! AP need to step up their photo game (they have for the last like forever) I noticed they now have completely blank white backgrounds too? At least the photos seem to be getting bigger ..