Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dress Me Up~ February EGL Theme

This last month, I decided to participate in the February Dress Me Up theme. My partner was the lovely silver_sparrow, Rachel!

**Rachel has done a similar post here, if you'd like to see some of the coordinates I did for her ♥**

I had so so much fun! I really do love to get to play with other peoples wardrobes, especially when they are often so different than mine (though I think I found that despite the aesthetic differences, Rachel and I have similar colour sympathies!). I decided to test out our new photo taking area a bit more, and tried out three of the outfits Rachel suggested to me. I was a bit lax on the make up (I forgot blush! Terrifying..) but here they are! I'm still super happy with how photos come out here, I intend to take photos of some more of the coordinates Rachel did for me- though they'll probably be on the mannequin!

*Please ignore my face heh*

Honey Cake with Red
I love this, nothing makes me happier than being able to use one of the unusual (to me!) colours in Honey Cake's print. I just realised also that three outfits I decided to do use three of my favourite dresses!

Cats Tea Party with Navy
I have to admit, I wasn't sure about mixing the gold tones on the tights with the silver tones on the dress but honestly, I love it. I never would have thought to pair them together and they go beautifully. I've been really wanting to try something more than white or pink with CTP, so I was excited to try this coordinate out. It's given me a lot of ideas for the future (and I also now need to invest in more navy/blue coloured tops and foot wear).

Day Dream Carnival, A Sweet Coordinate
My recalcitrant hat aside, this coordinate came out lovely. I love the subtle (maybe?) Parisian carousel theme~ and the stripes in the tights and JSK work beautifully. I had always worried about the brown in the tights being too prominent, but it seems if I've learned anything from this exercise it's that the minor colours and differences I worry about are really a non-issue.

I hope I can show you some more of the coordinates in the future. Thank you so much to Rachel for being such an awesome partner, and for having such an amazing wardrobe that was so lovely to work with. I'm really glad I decided to participate, it's silly but I think I've learned some valuable lessons!


  1. So cute! I love all the outfits, recalcitrant hat and all ❤

  2. Hello there! Where did you get the red blouse in the Honey Cake coord? Thanks!

    1. It's from taobao, but I don't believe I have the store link anymore, sorry!