Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Wardrobe Goals

Last year I wrote three resolutions in my wardrobe post, I thought I would devote a post to that this year and include some new resolutions and goals! 

My resolutions for 2015 were:
1. Complete base sets (Headbow, Blouse, Bag, Plain Colour Tights, Shoes, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring) in focus colours. 
I'm on my way with a couple of colours, but I'm not sure it's bad that I didn't achieve this. Especially seen as I'm attempting to cut down colours.

 2. Accquire Belle Epoque Rose, Romantic Rose Letter and Lucienne Dream 
Two out of three isn't bad! And I actually managed to get a third dress from my wishlist that wasn't mentioned here.

3. Shop in Japan 
Hell yeah I did.

I think I really lost myself this year. I didn't wear it often, I wasn't really happy with what I would wear when I did and I've just felt generally really kind of crap this year. I want to get back to what made me happy in 2014. I think moving back into the city, and being a bit more active this coming year will really help with that.

I've been thinking a lot about what was different between 2014 and 2015 as well. I had a more limited colour palette usually, and I subscribed to a very basic way of coordinating. I think I spent too much time this year trying to be interesting, when I'm kind of not. I'm okay with not being interesting, I'd rather be consistent. And you know, happy.
Exibit A: Unaligned circles

I originally was going to start limiting myself to pink only from now on, but Japan showed me that I can't resist lavender and it's sometimes a much more wearable colour. I'm also going to let myself introduce black rather than the myrid other colours that are cool to coordinate with but aren't really me. Plus I really like black and pink and I've been holding myself back from it. No more.

I also narrowed down some motifs/themes that I really like. I just really like it when things are cohesive, although I think there's always going to be room for cute ponies and bears.

 I've also put together a conscise wishlist for 2016. There are a few other things (mostly greeny-blue coloured I noticed) that aren't here but I was being pretty strict. I saw a lot of pieces in Japan, some I realised I didn't like as much (Silky Lady), some I realised weren't really things I would wear (Melty Berry Princess) and others I realised I had a great need (Royal Unicorn and Sugar Dream Dome). I also want to add more pieces like the three I bought home with me (Maiden Ribbon Jacquard, Whip Jacquard and the unknown Shirley Temple Dress) that are cute, simple and wearable.

My goals for 2016:
1. Cross 3 pieces off my wishlist.
Pretty standard. I'm sure that one of AP's new releases this S/S will catch my eye though, so I'm pretending there's a blank space for it. I want those two blouses in every colour they come in, so if you see them...

2. Make more accessories and complete alterations.
I want to make more headwear or necklaces (things I wear most) and get started and finish alterations on Musee du Chocolat, Jewellery Jelly and possibly Shirring Princess and lately I've been thinking about Magical Etoile, too.

3.Wear lolita twice a month.
I would just like to wear my clothes more regularly, but quantifiable goals are usually more effective.

I want 2016 to get back to being more wearable, and just me wearing my stuff more. We'll see how I go.
My wardrobe post is scheduled to go up tomorrow. I went for a gallery feeling so I hope you like it!

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