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Japan Diary Day 3

Day 3 - Tokyo

This day found us adventuring to Harajuku. I had actually only been here twice before. The first time I was with my school and we were only allowed to stay in Takeshita, I didn't really find anything good but I did find things my silly younger self bought. The second time was a very quick trip, which I think I've written about before. I flew in to Osaka, caught the train to Tokyo, went to Closet Child in Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and Harajuku, bought some stuff and then caught the train back to Osaka in the evening. I don't really recommend that course!

On our itinerary for the day was WEGO, Laforet, finding a suit case for me, Q-Pot cafe and shop and of course Closet Child.

We started the day making our way down Takeshita Dori. We spotted WEGO straight off the bat, and I found the bunny backpack I had been coveting. We also picked up some cheap stockings. WEGO things are cheap, kind of Target or Kmart level cheap, but cooler. I wouldn't recommend their tights if you wear through good, well made tights regularly. I really love my back pack too, but part of the stitching on the back has come undone from stress. It's fixable, but I also take forever to get around to things so I haven't done anything about it yet. My tail bobble on the front pocket also came off. I can only imagine what their shoes might be like.. perhaps other people have had better luck. All of the sweaters we bought there have held up really well though! Thali only bought one this day, but we both got another each later in Osaka. I guess that's my warning about buying budget stuff, knowing what you are getting in for. I still really love my backpack though ♥

We wandered the street looking here and there until we made it to Closet Child! I really like Harajuku CC. It's usually considered pretty picked over but I didn't see much change in the stock over the week we were in Tokyo. I found some AP tights (I think they are the pair that match Romantic Rose Letter?) in lavender. But I think I mostly enjoyed looking at the other floors! I didn't purchase anything else at the time, but we did find Lizzy her gold MILK heart bag! I'm looking forward to dragging my mum back there later this year.

We eventually made it to Laforet. Big surprise, we had not eaten by this point. I had a peek in AP and picked up an accessory. I didn't experience the same rudeness I've heard reported from the shop staff here. I found them perfectly pleasant, but very preoccupied since they had their big end of year tea party coming up the following Monday. We looked at some other shops on the lower levels, and for the first time I got to see Rose Marie Seoir. I was.. really disappointed. I felt like perhaps they didn't have much, but also that the Chanel cabochons on some things were a bit tacky..

Rather than stopping here to eat somewhere, we made the rookie mistake of walking up to Q-Pot. I recommend walking, I don't recommend doing it on an empty stomach! And I especially don't recommend it when you are hungry and or sick! There is a Mos Burger part way down, if you need a savoury stop. This is probably about where Thali checked out for the day, she doesn't even really remember eating at Q-Pot (she got the tiramisu, it had a super bitter ganache. She thought the tea was okay, but called it 'builders tea'. She doesn't remember saying that.) I got the seasonal snow man and a cup of hot milk. I like hot milk a lot. I used to always go to Hudsons in Australia because they did a 'hot shot' which was hot milk with a dash of a flavoured syrup. I forgot that I don't really like Japanese milk. Somehow cream and ice cream is okay, but straight Japanese milk is terrible. It's kind of watery and has a weird flavour when compared with Australian milk.

After eating our sweets, I got a gacha from the machine and we went across the street to the Q-Pot store. It kind of confused us, as the store is down stairs with the opening on the ground level. There's also a mirror at one end of the shop, and if you're silly like me you'll think you can walk through. You can't. Thali made me a Christmas present of a pair of pink whip earrings, and we spoke to the super nice shop staff while they put everything through. Thali did the thing where she see's something she likes but decides not to get it, but more on that later.

We headed back to Takeshita. We stopped at Kiddy Land and in a stupor Thali bought a back pack and I got a puzzle. We pushed on to Jewelna Rose where I bought found a suit case on sale that I liked. We'd packed light and bought fold out bags, but I'd wanted to pick up a new smallish hand luggage sized suitcase. I have a small one, which we took, but it weighs about 5kilos on it's own. I'd trust it with my laptop, but I don't need it for clothes.

At this point we decided to call it a day. I stuffed all our purchases in one of the larger bags and the suitcase so Thali didn't have to carry anything as she'd gotten a bit of a fever by this point. We headed back to the train station poste haste.

Somewhere between Harajuku and Otsuka, Thali decided she needed to get off the train. She then proceeded to give a poor Japanese woman a fright by gracefully fainting in the middle of the platform. The woman very kindly went to get help from the station staff, but I think he may have only started coming up the stairs as we were coming down them. I felt so bad, but Thali only wanted to get off the platform and out of the way. After a bit, we managed to get back on the train and head home. I tucked Thali into bed, went to forage (painkillers, check. Mos Burger, check.) and then probably sat around on my phone using the wifi, haha.

We visited a good number of places we'd wanted to, but we actually ended up heading home quite a bit earlier than we'd intended. I wanted Thali to get plenty of rest because we'd actually bought tickets to Disney Land for the next day (I bought them online. I didn't print them immediately. I forgot my password. I almost cried. There is no password recovery. I eventually remembered and printed like two copies just in case)! I guess more on that next, sorry, that's quite a cliff hanger!

Places of interest:
Closet Child
Angelic Pretty
Rose Marie Seoir
Kiddy Land
Jewelna Rose
Mos Burger

*薬屋/くすり is what you'll want to look for if you need a pharmacy. We ended up with a stand alone shop right next to the station, and they'll often have them in department stores. Eve is a popular brand of ibuprofen, but the dose per tablet is quite a bit lower than Australian capsules. I originally picked up aspirin since Thali had a fever, but it didn't do much for her pain wise, so I went back and got ibuprofen later. Trying to clumsily trying to say ibuprofen (with a long ee sound at the start) will at least get them to find you the Eve, if you haven't managed to do so yourself. *

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