Saturday, March 3, 2012

2011 Osaka X Sannomiya Angelic Pretty Tea Party

Since I removed all my old posts in a giant clean up, I thought I would repost a few things, hence this post. These photos are from the Tea Party held by Angelic Pretty Osaka and Sannomiya last year when I was on  exchange. Long time readers will remember my excited post. Though I couldn't follow along well, I could eat and pull tickets out of a box, so I had a lot of fun and since the event was run by the shop staff they were as accommodating as they always are, which put me at ease. I can completely see how Angelic Pretty manage to inspire loyalty amongst their customers!

Has anyone else attended a tea party hosted by one of the brands before? What did you think? I've heard about a lot of differences between areas and brands. I think it's really interesting!

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