Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Afternoon Tea at Thali's

Last month Thali hosted a tea party for a few of us for no reason other than she could because it's a tea party. Do you really need a reason to eat cute food, drink delicious tea and chat with fabulous ladies? I think not.

I did not really get a lot of pictures, I was really far too busy enjoying myself. As you can see though, everything was amazing. Thali was a fantastic hostess and we all descended into sugar induced comas after giggling ourselves silly over some very interesting stick figure drawing. Lauren and I wore Honey Cake, but I completely forgot to get an outfit photo, so you'll just have to imagine something. Hopefully something awesome? I wore a blonde wig, which has quickly become my favourite, despite the fact I've never had much luck with it. I'm going to wear it again this coming weekend, with any luck I will actually remember to take an outfit snap!

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