Monday, March 18, 2013

Christmas Tea Party 2012

 It's been so long, I haven't even talked about last Christmas. Better late than never, especially when the food looks this good.

Often I really look forward to Christmas, but this year was not really the best. Thankfully I have amazing friends. Lauren hosted Thali and I for a Christmas tea party. Adorable Mini joined us as well, I think she was quite impressed. 

Lauren organised a veritable banquet for us! And there was trifle! With sprinkles. We bought each other smallish gifts- I was so very grateful to be thought of.

We feasted into the afternoon and then Lauren had us sit down to play some Wii. I played a Kirby game that I now wish I owned (we don't have a tv though) and then started me on watching Once Upon a Time (which I have now finished watching the first season of, haha!).

It was a truly lovely day, despite the heat and as silly as it sounds my heart was glad to spend it with such amazing people and delicious food.

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