Friday, March 29, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival - Coordinate an Animal!

A little while ago I joined the  'Lolita Blog Carnival' a cute group of girls who pick a weekly lolita theme to blog about. It's a lot of fun, and even though we don't have internet yet, I've managed to wrangle it to get it done!
This weeks topic is to pick an animal to inspire a co-ord! 
I was pretty boring, I recently received a faux fawn fur collar from my friend! I pinched my house mates mini antlers and so, I could become a deer! 
It's coming into Autumn now and I don't get much opportunity to wear lolita, but perhaps when next summer rolls around and I can make my own little antlers instead of borrowing Thali's. 

Miniature Deer Antlers: High Treason
Faux Fur Fawn Collar: Handmade
Pink Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Milky of the Fawn Dot Applique Jumperskirt : Angelic Pretty
Socks, Shoes, Rose: Offbrand
Wig: Prisila

What sort of co-ordinate might you come up with?

Do you want to see what everyone else did? Have a look below!

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