Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Coconut Morning Tea

As I said, I set up a morning tea for Thali and R (I joined too!) with a sweet coconut theme. I bought the scones, since I am not good at making them, and I made everything else myself. 

 The Menu included:

Egg Salad and Cucumber Sandwiches
Coconut and Chocolate Mousse
Coconut Cake
Scones with Honey, Jam and Cream
Honey and Honey and Chocolate Hedgehog Cookies

Tbar Chocolat-T Tea with Coconut Sugar

Everything was very cute and tasy, even though it was a bit last minute when it came to decorations. The mousse was eggless and made with cream and chocolate (my favourite way to make it) but I think it was a little rich for the others in such a quantity. I'll remember next time and also not panic so much. I thought I wouldn't have enough so I made pikelets, as it turned out I needn't have worried!

It was nice to sit and hear about the good time my guests had at the circus. As wonderful as it sounded, I think I prefered my evening of baking more! 

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