Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Some News 2014:

I'm one half of Peppermint Fox, you can find out more about it here!

I am active on tumblr!

You can find me on lacebook here.

And finally, I am active on instagram as milkamenthe

I removed a lot of old posts, but left the co-ordinates and nicer event posts.

From here on this blog will feature my activities and life relating to lolita fashion; events reports, personal projects, coordinates and outfits.

Likely posts will appear once or twice a month. My first project will be a chiffon blouse with 3/4 sleeves and a simple round collar, though most of my time will be spent sewing for Peppermint Fox, Id' like to try and make it over a weekend.

I really hope you'll enjoy reading my posts! Please feel free to comment/add/follow me on whichever platform you prefer, I love talking with lolita's from all over the world! ♥

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