Friday, February 28, 2014

A Reference


This afternoon I though about a discussion we had at the swap and sell recently, talking about Angelic Pretty's tights. They aren't very elastic, but they fit me well. So I thought I would make a reference out of my most recent outfit to show my proportions and size in case it might be helpful to other lolita.

As you can see, I have a very short waist! Thankfully lolita hides this beautifully, as dresses often hit my natural waist (whereas for others the dresses waist may hit higher, where their rib cage is wider, depending on their shape). As another note, I found recently that when the dresses fall just above my knees and I am wearing tights, it's really cute and aesthetically pleasing to me. I'm a little glad about how short AP is since I am not very tall (though not really short either), though I hope it doesn't get too much shorter! 

On the diagram, I marked my height (161cm), bust (82-89cm)*, waist (72cm) and hips (87cm- though I don't know how relevant they are, you can see the proportions better with it I think). I also marked where my knees, ankles and heel is to help with perspective, though the heel is a little off now I look at it. For anyone who can't use metric, I added imperial(?) measurements as well. Of course, I neglected to add my weight. I don't think it's relevant and to be honest I have not weighed myself in over a year. 

*I have to add in an alteration here. After scaring myself when measuring with a different bra (how could I have suddenly lost so much weight from my bust?? From 89 to 82 impossible!) I discovered that the bra I usually wear with lolita is magic and will give me an 89cm bust. Without a bra my bust is 82cm and with my everyday bra my bust can be 84cm! So there you go!*

I hope that this might help you, if you are ever wondering how something might fit, if you have seen me wearing it! My measurements are pretty steady and so most photos taken in the last year or two will be about the same.

Thanks for looking~

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