Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day Dream Carnival for Swap and Sell February 2014

Today, for the first time, I was able to wear Day Dream Carnival! I was really happy, and followed with a carnival vibe a little with a cute neck ribbon and up-do. My shoes are a cute pair of pearly ivory heels, but they aren't really visible from this angle ... you can see them better here though!

 The little hair bow I made to match Day Dream Carnival. My colour theme was lavender and ivory with gold. We took these photos after we got home, so I'm bit wind swept and tired. My hair fell down a little (originally it was higher) but it didn't fall so much as to look terrible. Thank you wig for being so kind.

Our community had a Swap and Sell, where a bunch of lolita's came and set up picnic rugs with goods to sell and swap. Since I am trying to downsize the sock collection I don't wear, I took a number of pairs of socks as well as some chocomint accessories. I also took along some and Peppermint Fox stock, just in case. It seems that was a good idea, as we were able to make some sales for Peppermint Fox. The Melbourne community has been so supportive of us, I'm really grateful! But I can't express it without unglamorously smashing the keyboard, heh.

I am wearing:
Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival Altered One Piece in Lavender, 
Day Dream Carnival Tights in Ivory and 2012 Lucky Pack Boston Bag in Pink
Taobao Bought Chiffon Blouse
Handmade Accessories
Offbrand Shoes
Gabalnara Wig

Thanks for looking~


  1. WELL AREN'T YOU JUST TOO CUTE? I think the alteration was a success, and the outfit looks nice too <3 Well done, dear! :D

  2. Thank you! It was a lot of work (and my poor hand became strained .. ) but I'm really happy, it's much more versatile now! :D