Monday, February 3, 2014

Honey Cake Coordinate

Angelic Pretty Honey Cake Round Jumperskirt in Pink, 
Honey Cake Headbow in Pink, 
Ribbon Knit Cardigan in Red, Honey Bear Necklace
and 2012 Lucky Pack Bag in Pink
Offbrand Shoes and Tights

Last weekend Melbourne's Federation Square held a Japanese Festival event, unfortunately it reached just over 40 degrees! Understandbly I think, it's much too warm for lolita. Or for going outside, so we stayed home. I thought of dressing up a home for the fun of it, but it's been quite busy here lately. I'm hoping to start on my blouse project next weekend, since I have had the pattern cut out for a week now! I'm sure I'll get to it eventually ...
Thanks for looking~

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