Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sakizo Cirque du Amour Tights Coordinate ♥

6%DOKIDOKI Large Glitter Bow in Gold
  Forever New Skirt in Charcoal
Sakizo Cirque du Amour Tights from Alice Books
Taobao Bought Blouse and Shoes
Diva Necklace
Offbrand Rose Clips

When I was playing some weeks ago, I made up this outfit to wear. Truthfully I hope to remove most of the black from my wardrobe this year, but for  now it is what I have. Today we went to the Flour Market. It was a small area (very small actually!) full of little tables selling different kinds of baked goods. As we were going to celebrate Valentine early, we dressed up a little.

In the end, the black shoes looked better, since there wasn't any red up top so it didn't balance. I also wore my hair down in a plait so I didn't use the bow or flowers. I felt very cute, but I didn't photograph very well after fighting other pastry lovers for a spot in line. So just a picture of my legs, sorry!

 When we got home, we changed into comfy home clothes and set up a little picnic on the bed. Of course, we couldn't eat everything in one sitting, but it looked nice altogether. We're running low on tea, so I had a hot chocolate with my cake and doughnut. The pastry on the pink plate and the La Belle Miette 'Scone with Jam and Cream' macaron have been left for later. I'm excited to eat them! 

Thanks for looking~

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