Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crowning Glory

I thought since I did not have much to say or show lately, I would show a little about what I have been working on for Peppermint Fox. This last month or so, we've been working on the Crowning Glory pre-order- it's about 20 garments in mint and blue! Understandably, it's a lot of work for two people, but we're doing our best. I have a feeling that I will need a week off after Supanova though!

The original design sheets.
The Peppermint Cream dresses ready for packing.

 Packed with sealed cards and barrettes.

Wrapped and ready to send!

We're on track to sending out the final orders in the next few days but didn't take many pictures of the Midnight Blue colour just yet. Nor have we had the chance for proper promotional photos, however since the print has sold out there is probably no need. Ahh, I really hope everyone likes their items, I'm going to keep working hard! ♥

This weekend is Supanova, so I'll write up about that next week and the weekend after that is the Melbourne lolita's Easter meet. There will be karaoke- I'm so excited! I started with some progress on my blouse pattern, but since there has been so much else to do it hasn't been completed. Perhaps I can manage it this month?

Thanks for looking~

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