Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Supanova Melbourne

 Last week we really put our backs into getting everything ready for- Supanova! Supanova is a pop culture convention that travels around Australia, we attended the Melbourne event as a vendor in the artist alley. Everytime we attend and event, our table set up improves- so because of that I wanted to show off all our hard work and cute wares!

 Our full table for the Saturday! Unfortunately I forgot my camera on the Sunday, so most of the pictures are from then. It is probably fortunate as the table looked a bit bare on Sunday.

 We introduced a bunch of new Tiny Companions, this little guy is called Klaus. He's a fine specimen, I think.

 A clearer look at the items we had for sale. I was so overwhelmed by the response of all the kind customers who stopped by our table. Everyone was so sweet!

 Little Mabel enjoyed popularity over the weekend, and how could anyone resist such a cute face?

 Mostly our table was dedicated to Peppermint Fox items, but we also set aside a little space for our side projects. Pokemon Energy badges and other pop type accessories from me, and adorable art prints and art goods by Thali (art goods not pictured).


 And surprise! Much to our delight we had two lovely customers stop by wearing Peppermint Fox designs! My heart almost stopped! I think it's one thing to know you have made things and sent them out into the world, and another to see them. They both looked absolutely darling ♥

 Over the weekend, I bought a few things and of course kept a fairy energy brooch for myself. I couldn't turn down BMO.

Overall it was a very long weekend and I was very tired, but I had so much fun and couldn't stop smiling at all the lovely people who came to see us. Of course, we can't do so well without them, it's difficult to express my gratitude intelligently, but I hope that they all know that it is there!

A final peek at little Thomson, my favourite of the kittens. I cannot get over his sweet little face! 
I'll post my outfit from Saturday (I did not take any good photos from Sunday, alas!) in a moment.

Thanks for looking~

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