Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Arrivals Otome no Sewing 4 and Misako Aoki's Lolita Fashion Book

I had a few new arrivals, so I thought I would show them here. Two Make-It-Own Pullip's, Otome no Sewing No. 4 and Aoki Misako's Lolita Fashion Book! I really love getting parcels more than I should. The MIO Pullips are going to be a little project of mine, but since I've been so busy we will have to see how that goes.

I think that, from looking at the other three volumes of Otome no Sewing, each is to some degree 'sponsored' by a different brand. This one features Angelic Pretty taking inspiration from their regimental series and AP style sweet lolita. I think it is one of my favourites. You can see the inspired pieces (which have patterns in the book) and below you can see the Angelic Pretty piece.


 They included two little head accessory patterns for AP. Since I really love the shape of AP bows, I'm going to try and make some in simple colours and patterns to match with my wardrobe.

As for the Lolita Fashion Book, I chose my favourite page- featuring one of my ultimate dream dresses of the moment, Emily Temple Cute's Patisserie print! How I covet it so! This is the start of a feature section about 'Soft Lolita' or we might be more inclined to call it Casual Lolita. I think I like the term Soft Lolita and the mix of otome and lolita brands featured in the section is exactly what I want from j-fashion. I look forward to sitting down to read the book (slowly) properly. I'd like to read the books take on the fashion.

If you were thinking of getting either book, I would recommend it provided you have a little understanding of Japanese (or in the Otome no Sewing book case, some understanding of sewing in general since the patterns come with pictures and are not overly complex garments). What bugged me about the Lolita Fashion Book was that in all of the tutorials, the hair arrangement I wanted to know how to do was worn in the make up tutorial! I don't care about the other arrangement! Bah! Otherwise it's quite cute, but I think the more original content will be found in the writing in which case it might be better for some to wait to see if a version is made available in English.

Thanks for looking~


  1. Aw such beautiful books !
    I can't wait to see what you're gonna do with your MIO Pullips !! ^ ^

    1. Thank you! Even though I might not yet have time, I am already thinking of concepts for them, I hope I can make something cute! ♥

  2. What an awesome haul! I wish I would buy more mooks and books and cute things but I think fashion has taken up all my money! XD Ps, congratulations on finding the patisserie dress from ETC too! It's a good print to be a first, I hope you'll buy ETC more and more. Even though it's very different to AP, maybe you will learn to like ETC more after getting your first! <3

    1. The mooks are totally useful for inspiration (both for styling and for work, look book type mooks are especially good!) so I like collecting them (and also seeing what things have been released that haven't been touted online!).

      And thank you, I hope to add more things from other brands in the future to make a more everyday wardrobe but there's a lot more work to be done before I can get to that point (business wise that is) but we'll get there!