Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cherry Berry Bunny for Melbourne Easter Meet 2014

Today was the communities belated Easter meet up! There were so many pastel coloured girls and lolita bunnies, perfect for hunting Easter eggs. For the event I decided to wear Cherry Berry Bunny with the Sakizo Under the Dress tights similar to how I prepared here. I swapped out the blouse for one in a closer match to the tights and used a different bow clip. I had though about making a neck tie but the morning of I could not be bothered changing the overlocking threads.

I did my hair myself, to try and look a little like bunny ears, I'm not sure it worked but it looked cute anyway? Also Dreamy Chick make's his first appearance, as usual he captured all the attention!

After the picnic and hunt, some of us went to karaoke. I hadn't been for quite some time so it was a lot of fun! Although I have terrible taste in karake songs (I like singing bad awesome female pop songs and Disney ..) I don't think I hurt anybodies ears!

I am wearing:
Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny Jumperskirt in Yellow, 
Cherry Berry Bunny Headbow in Yellow, Tea Party Flats in Pink
 and Dreamy Chick Bag
Sakizo Under the Dress Tights from Alice Books
6%DOKIDOKI Small Glitter Bow in Pink
Taobao Bought Chiffon Blouse

Thanks for looking~


  1. Oh, I love, love, love this outfit of yours! It's my favourite. It's so sweet and pastel which I think is exactly you! I hope you'll have more do's with your real hair because I think it's lovely~! x

    1. Ahhhhhh thank youuu~ I've put so much effort into my hair (though I need to put a little more in too make it healthier) so I really want to do more with it, hopefully you'll see more in the future!