Friday, May 2, 2014

Angelic Pretty Dokidoki Original Print Set Arrival + Coordinate

Early this week my dear friend (and accidental fowarding service, haha!) sent me a parcel of goods I'd bought. It was wonderful to recieve and he even put in some sweets and snacks for me to try! I forgot how much I actually really like pocky ... ahh also Uniqlo recently opened in Melbourne's Emporium- so I bought a cute lavender Little Twin Stars Shirt- I didn't think it really needed its own post, though I did some coordinates with it but that's for another day.

I bought some magazines; Q-Pot Bee - Honey and Lemon Look Book, KERA and the recent AP mook! I didn't take any photos, most of the ones of relevance are already around tumblr. Also, finally, I got to find out what was in the two lucky packs I bought in the AP renewal! Thank goodness for my friend otherwise I would have had to deal with Tenso, which I'm not really looking forward to.

I managed to grab the mystery どきどきオリジナルプリント♪Set おまかせ♪ and the Oshare Legware Set! The dokidoki set had a main piece and two accessories, while the oshare set had two pairs of tights and a pair of socks. I'm not so fond of socks but- I love tights! And the price was too good. 


Angelic Pretty Coat of Arms One Piece in Pink
Taobao Tights
Offbrand Shoes and 
Beret (with bow pin from OP) 
Borrowed Neck Tie

 In my dokidoki set I was lucky enough to recieve the lovely Coat of Arms One Piece with matching head bow! Like most people I also got a pair of Fancy Paper Doll tights (mine were Sax). Before I recieved mine I had seen that two people had gotten Etoile Twins and Fancy Paper Dolls, both were prints I wouldn't have minded owning but I thought there might be a chance I would get somthing different- and I did! It's not something I would have picked myself, I don't think (in fact I just recently sold a black and pink tartan piece) but it is truly lovely and fits comfortably (it's on the loose side in a good way). One Piece's are difficult for me to coordinate though (same with skirts, thus why I usually avoid the two), but I gave it a try!

I'm obsessed with neck ties at the moment, and intend to use my recently arrived stash of pastel chiffons to ensure I have one in every colour suitable for my wardrobe!

I'll post some more coordinates with these new pieces over the next few weeks, so please keep an eye out for them!
Thanks for looking~


  1. Cute outfit. Though I prefer it without the necktie/ribbon so you can see the cute military buttons down the front better. :) Pink is so 1000% your colour, dear~ x

    1. Thank you, I wanted to go with a slightly more girlish/school feeling than the military one- I do want to try making a little military styled hat to go with it though, haha!