Thursday, May 15, 2014

Patisserie Print for the Tea Salon

Yesterday Thali and I went to meet Jordi at the Tea Salon in Emporium! It has such a cute atmosphere, so we were eager to try it. We each ordered a scone and tea set- Chedder and Thyme with Turkish Apple tea for me. I usually post food pictures on my instagram here if you're interested.

Jordi just returned from a family vacation to Japan, so it was lovely to catch up with her and here about her adventures. Even though the service was a bit ho-hum/bland, the food was very good so I think we'll go back again sometime. I was a bit sad to see there weren't any flavoured black teas either, but I always enjoy apple tea~

Please excuse my face, I was quite hungry when we took this .. heh.

I am wearing:
Emily Temple Cute Patisserie Print in Pink
Innocent World School Emblem Bag in Ivory
Taobao Bought Chiffon Blouse and Tights
Japanese Indie Hair Clip
Offbrand Shoes

Thanks for looking~

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