Saturday, June 21, 2014

Royal Chocolate for Melbourne's Winter Solstice Meet 2014

Today the Melbourne community had a (not so) little meet up, just because! Jordi organised it to fall on the Winter Solstice- there were about 20+ lolitas and aristocrats! We had lunch at Father's Office; a speakeasy inspired restaurant with a 20's American gangster theme. I was very boring and had their mac and cheese! But I really wanted to try it as it had three different types of cheese (Swiss gruyere, Montery Jack and Parmesan). It was a bit sharp tasting for my tastes but still very good!
(Ahh the comparison of camera and lighting between photos is stark. I wish that I would stop pulling faces!)

 There was lots of chatting and photo taking, but since we were in a restaurant and the group was so big it was a bit difficult to move around and speak to everybody. I did manage to chat with a lot of people and even made some new friends!

I did snap some photos though! Our comm is really full of so many cuties! I'll leave you with darling Thali and Jordi (our lovely host) ♥

I am wearing:
Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate Round Jumperskirt in Pink, 
2012 Lucky Pack Bag (Not Pictured)
Taobao Bought Chiffon Blouse, Tights, Beret and Pink Ribbon T-Strap Heels

Thanks for looking~


  1. Hello dearie! You look so lovely and sweet in royal chocolate! You also remind me that I need to wear mine some day.... It's been sitting in my closet for 2 years!! >:(

    1. Thank you Angii~! Two years is too long! I hope you'll find the perfect opportunity to wear it soon! ♥

  2. You all look soooo lovely! Thank you for posting photos of your beautiful comm.