Monday, July 7, 2014

Cherry Berry Bunny for Mascarateer x Milkamenthe Coordinate Collaboration!

 Here is the first entry of a monthly series collaboration with Lauren of Mascarateer!
For this post Lauren completed a make up look, and I created a coordinate to match it. Truthfully, before I met Lauren I was ... make up and I weren't really buddies. It was thanks to her that I even started to really look into it, and now I even enjoy it! Whenever I've had a question, she's been there to answer it for me (or point me in the right direction!) no matter how stupid it is.

This month, she's chosen a sweeter look for me! To go with her glittery pink pastel look, I chose Cherry Berry Bunny- it would match sweetly with her cute daisy necklace and bright flower crown too, don't you think?

Check out Lauren's cute look here (or click through the sweet Mascarateer image above)!

Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny Heart Jumperskirt in Yellow
and Rose Toilette Socks in Pink
Innocent World Long Hem Blouse in White 
and Strawberry Bag in Pink
6%DOKIDOKI Mini Glitter Bow in Pink
Sparkle Peach RinRin Nickname Necklace
Thanks for looking~


  1. Oh, this is a wonderful idea! <3 Lauren x Lindzi~ I look forward to seeing more. Maybe you'll try some more makeup looks toooo <3

    1. Haha! :D I'm glad you like it! I don't know if my derpy face will make many close up appearances but you never know! ♥