Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cat's Tea Party Coordinate

 The other day in making up the Cherry Berry Bunny outfit, I decided I wanted to see how the Innocent World blouse worked with my darling Cat's Tea Party. As you can see, they seem almost made for each other! ♥

The blouse has such a lovely softness that realy compliments the dress. Overall the look is not too over the top, perfect for a summer tea party. Too bad it's winter here right now I suppose!

I've paired the whole look with the ridiculous headbow, a cute heart necklace and a little silver butterfly brooch. I used a more elegant pair of shoes to finish off and lace tights- though if I were wearing the tights, I'd likely wear them over a pair of tone appropriate pink tights. I love the way a colour can peek through the patterns on sheer or lacy tights ♥

I'd love to be able to pair this dress with a soft blue or lilac one day, I really think it would pop! For now I hope you like this delicate coordinate.

Angelic Pretty Cat's Tea Party Jumperskirt and Headbow in Pink
Innocent World Long Hem Blouse in White 
Paris Kids Winged Heart Necklace
Taobao Bought Tights and Pink Ribbon T-Strap Heels
Offbrand Silver Butterfly Brooch

PS. We named the mannequin Calgacus. Recently Thali has been on a documentary kick (in particular she watched a wonderful series detailing the history of Scotland) it seemed perfect.

Thanks you so much for reading~ ♥


  1. That blouse and JSK go together like peas and carrots! I really love the lace on the bodice too, it's nice seeing the details of dresses like that :D

    1. Thank you! Cat's Tea Party really has such lovely details, I wanted to show them off a little ♥

  2. Adorable coordination! I'm totally in love with Cat's tea Party, the lace is so pretty, and the print and, well everything ♥

    1. Thank you so much! It's really a lovely dress * ^ * I think it's easy to be smitten with it! ♥