Thursday, July 24, 2014

Milky Chan Dot Applique for Pre-AVCon Adelaide Lolita Community Dinner

 It turns out, I'm not a very good travelling lolita. Bag space indicated I leave some things behind and the big petti was one of them. I had my dead and deflated one, which worked for Gentle Fox on Sunday but of course the two other dresses I bought were made of corduroy and a winter weight tartan. Whoops. Since I didn't photograph very well despite people's best efforts, here are some test shots from when I was planning this outfit instead. 

I have a proper and just as lacking in photographs post for coverage of AVCon 2014 coming up, but as for the Friday night it was good. I was a bit tired and as I was to find out Saturday morning, on my way to being not very well, but dinner was nice. I didn't really get to speak to many people and it was quite noisy but the general atmosphere amongst everyone was nice.

Angelic Pretty Milky Chan Dot Applique Jumperskirt in Pin
Alice and the Pirates Headbow in Black
Taobao Bought Tights (not pictured), Chiffon Blouse and Ribbon Heels

Thanks for looking~ ♥


  1. I love this, the little spots of black are so cute and so vastly different to what I wear which is MOSTLY black haha!

    1. Thank you! I wanted to try pairing well with you but I'm not very good at it haha XD