Monday, August 4, 2014

Lizzy's Birthday, High Tea at the Gables

The other day was dear Lizzy's birthday! She decided to host a high tea at the lovely Gables estate. After worrying a little about the weather throughout the week, it was lovely to wake up to such a beautiful day!

Upon our entry we were greated by a fabulous looking dessert buffet- that was for later though. We greeted our hosts and the other guests and milled about, chatting excitedly. We were bought champagne (or apple juice in my case) and suddenly food appeared! We were bought a delicious array of savoury pieces and a pot of tea each.

 After satiating our savoury needs, we moved on to the desserts! You were allowed to take anything you liked from the buffet table, though of course if you have ever had high tea you know that you can never eat as much as you would like! My favourite of the little treats was the little peppermint drop, it was absolutely delicious.

 Thanks to Thali I also have a photo of the birthday girl! Lizzy to the far right looked amazing and perfectly regal in her princess themed coordinate ♥ We're pictured here with Rachael, Marzy and Jordi. As you can see I decided that since we were to dine in such a beautfiul location it was the opportune time to wear Cat's Tea Party.

 Pixie and Cortnee looking amazing, do they ever not though? (I'm not sure that dress is actually that blue but here we are)

 I took a quiet moment to snap some photos of darling Thali, she looked perfect as ever in Grazia Crown ♥

We started with three and ended with seven due to Pixie's enthusiasm! Some of the pretty prints from the girls. Starting from the Red and going clockwise; Meta's Girly Things, Innocent World's Grazia Crown, Baby's Heart Marble Chocolate and Sugar Coated Cookies, Angelic Pretty's Decoration Dream, Cosmic and Cat's Tea Party and Babys' Ave Maria.

Afterwards we retired to Lizzy's parents house for pizza and drinks (though not much pizza, we were afterall quite stuffed!). It was so so lovely to chat with everyone and I hope that the birthday girl had a wonderful day, it was so lovely to be able to share it with her! ♥

Thanks for looking~

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