Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sweetie Violet for the Italian Masters

Today we went out to the Art Gallery of Victoria for the Italian Masters exhibit! It was Cortnee's birthday and so afterwards we also went for a drink or two at the Cabinet afterwards. It was a pleasant little afternoon/evening. I chose to wear Sweetie Violet, similarly to how I coordinated upon it's arrival in this post, with some small changes. The blouse was surprising comfortable! I worried that it's texture might mean it was a little rough to wear over a long period of time but the soft lining protected against it for the most part and the sleeves never bothered me.

Since there were no pictures allowed with the Italian Masters, I took some with a coordinating polar bear from the central exhibit. The tiny blue bear cub was so cute- there were many bears of different colours, but my favourite was the big blue one leaping from the ceiling!

I am wearing:
Angelic Pretty Sweetie Violet Skirt in Lavender, 
2012 Lucky Pack Boston Bag in Pink, Tea Party Flats in Pink
6%DOKIDOKI Mini Glitter Bow in Pink
Sparkle Peach Necklace
Taobao Bought Bobon21 Blouse and Tights
Handmade Hair Ribbon
Thanks for looking~

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