Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sydney for SMASH 2014

This last month I made my first proper trip to Sydney! Coming originally from Western Australia I'm a bit foreign to the east coast. Previously I had been through the airport on the way through to Japan, but this time I got to leave and might I just say that- the trains have TWO decks. 

TWO decks. I was amazed. I made us sit up the top!

On our first day in Sydney, Thali and I visited Kinokuniya, ate expensive Japanese and went to the Lindt cafe where her brother works. Can I just say that Lindt hot chocolate is really good!

After all that, I left Thali to catch an evening train from Sydney to Orange. It was about six hours or so by train and then coach. The reason for such lengths was that I was to visit my father and step mother! I haven't actually seen them since before I came to Melbourne so it's been some time. It was really lovely to see them again, even if only for a little while. I hope they'll come down to Melbourne sometime soon.


We had a nice lunch (strawberry iced milk! I had to toss up between it and banana ...) and I saw some of the sights around the area- such as Mt Canobolas, and extinct volcano where I picked up a glittery (just pyrite!) rock for Thali to add to her collection. The view was impressive, though it was very cold.

 While we were in Sydney as well, we took the chance to have lunch with Bridget! She's a former Adelaide lolita and the sweetest person, I was really glad to be able to get to catch up with her and the little tea place we went to was lovely.

Throughout the weekend we stayed with Thali's brother and I met his partner and Thali's niece! She was so so cute and cheeky!

The weekend meant SMASH. This year it ran for two days in a new location since its previous location was being renovated. I was a bit worried about what the turn out would be like because of this- turns out I didn't need to worry! We had a big selection of PepFox products as well as some more of Thali's art. SMASH was amazing. There were so many people and even though it seemed actually rather quiet, it also always seemed busy! SMASH actually ended up being one of our best conventions- I'm really grateful to Sydney for being so welcoming! And it was lovely to meet some people I'd spoken to online~

 Speaking of meeting new people, I got to meet the sweetest girls representing Magi Cat Street! They were just a few tables down from us and were so so lovely. The girl in pink (second from left) is the designer! I'd seen their garments going around online recently and so it was amazing to see them in person. I was impressed by the Camellia blouse (which I think the girl in CDC is wearing in this photo) as well as by the fabric used for Tiramisu, One More Piece! I'm really looking forward to what they bring out next- and maybe trying to grab something for myself some time! Apparently one of their friends who couldn't attend is a really big fan of PepFox! I don't think I caught her name, but I hope she liked the things her friends picked up for her ♥

As you can see, I dressed pretty casual on Sunday, though I had worn Gentle Fox again to rep for PepFox on the Saturday (and didn't get a photo again! I'll do the two convention coordinates up on the mannequin sometime!).

That's it for now, I think! I'm really looking forward to SMASH again next year too! Hopefully we can stay a bit longer next time~

Thanks for looking~


  1. It looks like a really nice trip. :)