Saturday, August 23, 2014

AVCon 2014

I should have written this post earlier, now everything I wanted to say has slipped my mind.

The weekend was a little touch and go, AVCon is three days including Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. It's a big con and one of the few for it's genre (Japanese culture and video games, essentially) left of its size (despite people's efforts to get them to 'embrace' pop culture- come on guys you have a Supanova in every city and OZ Comic Con, leave us something..). I always love the crowd at AVCon and it was not different this year.

Friday is usually a set up day for artists and vendors, I made the mistake of leaving all our stuff behind because I forgot we had to tag things so we mostly attempted to help out at Berrie Cute, ran some errands and headed off to the dinner the Adelaide lolita comm organised. I think I wrote about that earlier though! So on to the weekend.

Saturday morning saw us up early to make ourselves and then our table presentable. I think we did a pretty good job since we were travelling, no? Unfortunately not long after set up I started to feel unwell. Despite my inital protestations, we decided I should go home. I ended up spending most of the day sleeping it off and trying to drink more water. A big shout out to Lauren and Riana for helping out Thali at the table! Saturday is often hellishly busy, I felt awful. Thankfully without me there to scare off customers, we manage to do alright.

Saturday night I felt better and rugged up to go join the others for the dinner I had organised with my friends. We arrived a bit later than everyone else so I was shunted down the end of the table! I still wasn't feeling 100% but I tried to chat a little to everyone, especially people I hadn't been able to meet up with during the week. Afterwards we grabbed an ice cream, chatted a little more and then headed home. It was nice, even if it seemed like I was the only one who liked their food! Somehow it seemed like people weren't very used to Indian? Ah well.

Sunday was a better day, with even more rest Thali, Lauren and I headed in to set up again. Sunday was a bit more relaxed for us. I dressed up in Gentle Fox to be Peppermint Fox's representative in the parade (since Thali doesn't really like to do that sort of thing at all). Since we were the only one in the designer category .. we won by default. It was nice to participate though! When I lived in Adelaide I didn't often get to make it to meets because of work and since I left there have been a number of new faces in the comm and while waiting for marshalling I got a chance to talk more with some of them. Everyone I spoke to was lovely! Even though I'm a bit shy girls I hadn't met stepped over to say hi and I got to chat with a few old friends as well!

After the parade I headed back to the table so that Thali could go join some girls for a cute little high tea organised by the comm. It sounded like it was a good little event- Thali bought me back her brownie (since it was too rich for her, I loved it however and am now even more addicted to them) and Kairii and Angela were kind enough to stop by and give me a post card and note~

For the weekend, we stayed with Lauren who helped us out after hours with the table (we'd grabbed her an exhibitor pass) and after we'd packed up and said goodbyes on Sunday we rolled ourselves home and grabbed some take out and watched Korra!

Overall the weekend went well, so I look forward to returning next year (as with every year) though I do hope we can get back to Adelaide again before another year is up! Thankfully some friends are going to visit us really soon for another exciting event, I'm really looking forward to it! ♥

*All the photos here show the Peppermint Fox table at AVCon on Sunday and include items from Peppermint Fox as well as some art goods by our resident artist- Thali!*

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