Saturday, September 6, 2014

Peppermint Fox Gentle Fox Coordinates

After writing about it last time, I decided to go and put together (essentially ..) what I wore for Peppermint Fox at SMASH and AVCon. My SMASH coordinate is on the left, AVCon on the right. For SMASH I wanted to play with the brown details. I didn't actually have a bag since I was working but I borrowed Thali's for the photos since we decided to use them as part of PepFox's media. I also wore my name badge, rather than the heart fox pin. I put my hair up in an easy, fluffy bun- stylish and efficient.

For AVCon I wore the coordinate in the parade to represent the designers section, as I think I mentioned previously. That time, I tried to play up the tiny pink details the accent the foxes outfits. I wore the matching Gentle Fox pendant and tied the ribbon as a headband. I wish I could have done more with my hair that day but we were trying to travel light and in the end I just wore my hair free.

This is a just because. We've had some customers feeling like they don't know how to wear Peppermint Fox dresses. Many of our customers have a Japanese street fashion background but for a some they're just not sure how to go about wearing it. I wanted to do a blouseless coordinate that was a little more everyday, that maybe people could connect to a little better- even if I did use an Angelic Pretty cardigan ...

 It's casual and cute though right? You can just throw on a cardigan and go!

These were all posted on the PepFox tumblr here!
We also released new accessories for the Bon Bon Parade collection!
Take a look if you see something you like ♥

Thanks for looking~


  1. Oh what sweet outfits! I love the dress. :)

  2. I really like the first brown coord. Makes me wish I could get my hands on the dress and wear it with a nice tailored jacket just like the foxes on it.