Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thali's Wardrobe Part 1

Last week, Thali couldn't decide what to wear to the meet up, so I asked if I could play with her wardrobe and try and come up with something. I didn't really come up with anything she could wear but we both agreed they were pretty cute!

I've always seen Thali wearing black with Grazia Crown. She has this gorgeous raspberry red blouse that I often borrow because the colour is so prefect. I put it together with Grazia Crown, it's large collar was perfect to decorate with a matching pair of crown pins. It's a bit unfinished though, as while we own three pairs of red-maroon tights, none of them were a good match!

This one I was playing around with the black blouse we recieved in the Innocent World blouse LP. I added the gold bow for a pop of colour, skipping out on the ribbon that came with it. I also wrapped a second beige ribbon around the dresses own ribbon for a similar reason.

Beige tights and fabulous black boots to finish off! I split this up into two parts, so I'll post part two soon!

Thanks for reading~ ♥


  1. I really like the dress, and both outfits look great! :)

    1. Thank you! It's been fun to play with clothes that aren't my usual style!