Monday, September 8, 2014

Thali's Wardrobe Part 2

Welcome back for part two! For these two coordinates, I wanted to use the other blouse we received in the Innocent World LP. It's the same style but M size and in a beige (as opposed to the L sized black). I've never seen Thali wear this skirt, but I found it tucked away in her wardrobe. I believe she was trying to sell it but perhaps we breathed new life into it?!

 I worked with the brown accent provided by the blouses own ribbon. The skirt features flocked chandeliers, you can see it on hellolace here! I believe the over skirt is somewhere, but I didn't think it necessary to find it for this coordinate.

 Next I wanted to try pairing Peppermint Fox's Hidden Library with the blouse. I wasn't sure if the colours would work but I think they're not too bad! Brown chiffon sash at the waist again for this one (somehow in these coordinates I felt the need to break up the top and bottom, since the colours were so monotonous). The little brooches are from Thali's collection- a Peppermint Fox coin that had no hole and a cute little hedgehog pin I bought for her before we left Adelaide~ ♥

Thali actually hopes to wear this one as the weather warms up! I can't wait to see her in it, she's going to be so cute~!

Thanks for looking~


  1. I love all of the outfits you come up with, they're so cute! :)