Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Animaga 2014

 This weekend past was Animaga. We took our own things and Peppermint Fox to join Jordi of tights by cordelia, we helped her to debut her Clair de Lune tights! 

This was Animaga's first year, so it wasn't very big and had the feel of a small university con despite the extravagant location. I don't know if they will be back next year, but we'll see what happens. Business was pretty slow all round, but socialising was not! For the first time I got to sit and chat with a bunch of the artist alley people we've met over the last year or so. There were also a couple of artists that I hadn't seen before at other conventions in Melbourne who had the cutest wares and Magi Cat Street came down from Sydney, so I was able to meet them again (and as you can see above, I caved and bought the blouse I had been eying off since SMASH).

For the Saturday, Jordi was kind enough to lend Thali and I a Cosmic piece each so that we could be triplets! Of course, we weren't the cleverest triplets and so I don't actually think we have any photos together! I wore the pink with purple details, Thali wore the ivory sailor collar with black and Jordi wore the lavender JSK with pink and cream! Jordi also has managed to collect all colours of the melty moon bags (moons are her thing) and so we each wore one in a matching colour. I felt really cute, especially when my hair was fluffed up properly! Unfortunately it deflated a lot. I also didn't have a single photo with a sensible face, so I've blurred it and you get this one. Don't ask me what I'm doing, because I have no idea.



 I wore Melty Cream Doughnut in a very casual way on the Sunday since I was so tired and just wanted to be comfortable. Even though the con wasn't very busy, I feel like it was a nice end to the con season for us. I'm looking forward to next year though, we'll likely be joining Chiffon Rose in the exhibitors for Supanova. I'll miss the artist alley, but we'll be there for AVCon and SMASH if we can ensure we snag a table!

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