Friday, November 14, 2014

Jewelled Headdress Project

 This weekend we were meant to go out and take some photos again. The rose gardens are in full bloom, but unfortunately the weather is not so great at all! So instead we're staying home. I sort of had something princess-y planned but I didn't own a gold tiara or more interesting head wear, so I decided to make something!

 Loosely inspired by the far more detailed and interesting Alice and the Pirates headdress here, I made do with my random assortment of findings. A lot of people when writing about DIY in this situation would probably say something like 'theirs is $250 and I made this for just $20!' or something. Now I don't know what materials the AatP's one is (I'd want to hope it was filled gold or something..) but even making a simple thing like this, it really is a lot of work. I feel like making something yourself is the quickest way to appreciate the time and effort that people put into things. Maybe I'm just a bit too clumsy or not so great at this sort of thing! Either way it's sweet enough for me, I just hope I can find somewhere where it won't get tangled...

It will also probably sit a bit differently on my actual head, Calgacus' make shift one isn't very round.

 The coordinate I had planned around Cameo Window, I don't think I had decided on legware yet. I can't wait to get to wear this skirt out, maybe soon~

Thanks for looking~


  1. Oh this is lovely! I can't believe that you made it yourself. :)
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Amy xx

    1. Thank you! And you too (though this is quite a late response..)!

  2. That headdress is really adorable! I've been thinking to make one myself to match that AatP dress. I like yours more than the one AatP sells!

    1. Thank you so much! I think it's not too hard, if you want to make something simple- I don't want to think how long it would take to make the AatP one!