Friday, February 20, 2015

Cameo Window Rosette

Which you cannot see in this outfit shot, heh. So we've moved! As you might notice from the change in backdrop and lighting. It's so lovely to live in a place with so much light~ We are settling in okay, but we still don't have internet- so I'm posting from the library!

I saw mention not long ago about using the fabric swatches that come with items for different purposes and resolved to use them to make the little thing below. Of the fabric swatches I could find, cameo window had the most interesting detail, though it was larger than the buttons I originally had to cover! I finally got my hand on the right size for the piece and set about creating a little rosette~

Since the rosette's center is merely a covered button it's easy to sew the chiffon ruffle to the edge. A little bow for that extra touch and there it is! 

I purchased the custom button sets from daiso, the rest is up to what you have around!

I've been up to another larger project since we moved also, if you've followed my instagram, you would have seen a peek. I hope it'll be finished and I can have a post up soon!