Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tasmania, Afternoon Tea and a Project

Last month, we packed up some tiny bags (no checked baggage allowance) and jumped on a plane to Tasmania for Thali's birthday!

It was just a quick trip for a few days. It was the first time I saw snow! And then it snowed on me in tiny flurries! And I touched snow! I was really excited.

Thali took us on some lovely walks, but it was incredibly cold out and Lauren and I are babies so we missed some interesting things. I did get up early with Thali one morning to go platypus spotting though! I only got to see a splash, but I'm told they were there.

I have a few more photos, but I wasn't sure that I should post them. Thali may have some of them up soon though, so keep an eye out.

Egg and gelatine free oreo mousse and raspberry and crème de pêche jelly with crème diplomat and fruit

A week or so after that, we'd invited Cortnee and Jess up to have tea with us. We were very laid back about it. There were a lot of scones that didn't make it into the pictures because they were being kept warm! We had plain scones and pumpkin scones- the leftover pumpkin ones went so well with the potato and leek soup we made the next night!

In my spare time too, I've been working on a little something for AVCon this month! I have a bit more to do on this, and then a couple of other things to prepare for my parade outfit. I'm really excited to see it all coming together!

Also I apologise to anyone who has found me to be commenting madly on their blogs- we finally have internet! My blog reader had over 200 posts unread and well, I lost track a little.. 

I hope I can return to posting more regularly!

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