Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Little White Bonnet

After I completed my hat I decided to work on a bonnet for Thali. Once I made up the paper pattern for Thali's bonnet, we couldn't settle on a fabric and so I started on something more Triple Fortune than Victorian Maiden and... hit somewhere in the middle. Like I said with hat, I can't really do over decorating. So actually the rose and feather pieces is a hair pin (that I need to put a more appropriate attachment on) and the bonnet is mostly plain. I think that means that I can dress it up easily. I'll try something a little more exciting for my next head piece project. 


 It took some time to finish this. I worked on the base of it while I watched through all of Love Live! and then I put aside, because I wasn't sure where I was going. I only really knew that I didn't want a ribbon going under the chin, because I really do not like to have ties there. Originally I was intending to use gold in this piece, but it was just too much and I didn't have enough to match it (it was meant to match Lucienne) so the night before a photoshoot at Redwood, I decided I would finish it match Rose Toilette. Of course.

For the more technical details; The base materials I used are calico, felt and wire around the brim. For covering I used a matte polyester satin and a pink chiffon, the bias was made by me from the satin. I ended up using two laces, a pair of chiffon bows for decorating the sides and some very tiny little pearls dotted across the inside. 

I have two more bonnets with a slightly reworked bonnet pattern in the works, made of the same material I used for the hat. Of course in colours I probably won't ever wear. I'll see how they go. I'm a little bummed because I'll have to wait until we're back in Japan to get more of the flowers and feathers I used here. But when I am...

Overall I'm happy it came out okay, and it received good feedback from my friends! I hope the tweaked pattern works okay, I should have more on that... eventually, haha.


  1. Just gorgeous! Well done with it. I think it's a good idea to have the accessories on clips too. I think I did that when I made my bonnet too (sorta, I used some decorations to hide my mistakes haha) because it just makes it that much more customisable! :D Good luck with your next two bonnets!

    1. It does! I hope I'll be able to wear it with a number of my pieces in different ways. I'm trucking along with the other two, one is waiting for me to collect my wire from where I left it and the other is waiting to come together- but I think I'm going to be happier with them for removing some questionable trim, haha.

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    1. Thank you! I'm really flattered >//////<