Thursday, October 15, 2015

Magical Etoile for Animaga Sunday

Last month was Animaga, and our group 'Petite Style Society' had a very large booth! We used it the space to host a number of different brands, most were local but we had a couple send from overseas! It was very exciting, and I had a lot of fun- though of course it too was a bit stressful.... 

For Saturday I dressed to represent the style I was assigned, 'otome'. I didn't really like my outfit, which was a bit rushed so I hope no photos ever surface, haha. I wrote a little flyer for the booth to hand out to those interested, it will probably appear on the PSS blog eventually.

On Sunday I paired Magical Etoile with yellow details and finally found a way to wear my ridiculous yellow heart bag!

Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile Jumperskirt, Tokimeki Dot Heart Bag and Tea Party Shoes
Innocent World Long Hem Blouse - Tukoni Tribe Pink Bunny Brooch
Moon Bunny Rabbit Hair Clip - Handmade Neck Tie and Bow Pin - Offbrand Tights (not pictured)


  1. I love the pink and yellow together! Usually I stay far away from such a combination as I couldn't pull it off, but it looks fantastic here!

    1. Thank you! I really miss a yellow dress I used to have so I'm really glad the pop of colour worked here ♥