Thursday, October 15, 2015

Smash the SMASH

This has been quite a long time coming and actually I wasn't sure if there was much point in writing it, but I did say I would so here it is.

SMASH was incredibly stressful this year, and I hope that I never have to experience that again. Actually experiencing none of the stress I've experienced since SMASH would be great. I was incredibly lucky that some very lovely Sydney girls were able to step in and pretty much take care of everything. I couldn't have been more grateful, though I don't think I was able to show it very well.

The days after SMASH were wonderful though ♥

Despite some small stress left over from SMASH we got to spend time with Thali's niece and brother at the zoo! We got to see the platypus and the bird show, which were definite highlights for me.

 We kind of went a little food crazy, trying a ridiculous number of cakes and ice creams, as well as raiding Thali's brothers chocolate stash (he is a chocolatier, and also likes to sample all sorts of different chocolates) and the lovely strawberry and vanilla tart he made! It was all very welcome surrounding the crap that one eats over a convention weekend...

I think if we can, we'll probably head back to SMASH again next year, but I'm not yet sure in what capacity- hopefully a less stressful one!

I bought a lot of different merchandise, but here is a little look at the accessories I grabbed from the remote vending set up by the Sydney girls- a hair clip and ring from Moon Bunny- as well as the Tukoni Tribe galactic bunny brooch Thali bought for me online ♥

I think I'm going bunny crazy, and that's okay, haha!

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