Sunday, January 19, 2014

Magical Etoile Hat Project Complete!

Previously I had posted some images to tumblr of my hat, however I had not truly finished it yet!
However, last Friday I finally finished it. There are some problems still but since it is the first hat I've made I think it can be forgiven.

A girl in my community was selling the Magical Etoile brooch headband quite cheaply since it had some damage from simply being old. I thought at the very least even if I didn't like the headband overall, I could take off the brooch to use it for something else, so in the end I decided on a cute boater style hat. I bought silk from a local store and made a mock up. I didn't use a properly millinery material to make the inner of the hat, so it's not a very sturdy hat, perhaps next time I can. For now I have enough material to make another hat, so I think I will make a simpler one to decorate with flowers I bought from Okadaya early last year.

I found a silver ricrac to match the trimming on Magical Etoile's hem, and finished the hat simply with it around the crown. As for the hat itself, it is almost entirely hand stitched- funnily enough the worst seam (as you can see around the brim) is the one I elected to sew on the machine. Next time I will trust myself.

I finished the inside simply with little stitches and some remaining lining. it turned out puffy, which I like, but I'm not really sure why. Hopefully I can repeat it next time. As you can see from this angle, there is a flaw in the underside of the brim, I think it is not too obvious when worn but hopefully this does not happen with the next one I make. I'm hoping to get better at them, but that will come with practice.

Before I tackle another hat however, my next project is definitely the blouse. I need to draft a pattern for the sleeves and collar for it, and I have been lazy about that. When it is complete I am going to make an outfit with Magical Etoile and this hat; hopefully I can finish it in time for the next Melbourne lolita event.

Thanks for looking~

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