Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Wardrobe from 2014

 I posted my first wardrobe post over at egl earlier this month. If you'd like to see it, it's here.

I think I did very well last year to obtain quite a few new pieces (I also appear to have sold a lot, but I don't really remember what other than Twinkle Witch and Merry Sweet Castle, so I suppose I don't miss them so much...).
This year however is all about saving and making. I really hope I'm able to meet my goals head on. 
I'll be working really hard this year, so please cheer me on if you see me despairing ♥

I'm putting all of the images from my wardrobe post here to begin archiving them, I'll update of course with a new post when 2014 rolls around!


  1. Your wardrobe is so cute ♥ I really think I love everything in it *^* (especially DDC, Royal Chocolate, Rose Toilette, Cats tea Party, aaah... everything. haha~)

    (I've been wondering, what apps/font/brushes do you use to add the lovely text parts to your wardrobe pictures ?)

    1. Thank you so much! ♥ I'm maybe a little bit prideful of my wardrobe so it's nice to hear *^*

      (Ah, it is my own handwriting! I used my tablet in photoshop with the stumpy pencil tool/brush and scribbled away. I'm thinking to attempt to make a font of it sometime soon, but I am not sure when since I'm not sure yet how to do that.)