Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day Dream Carnival Alteration Project Complete!

 On Sunday, I decided I really wanted to wear Day Dream Carnival. This meant undertaking an alteration I had been putting off. I don't knw if you notice in the picture above, but the bodice isn't like any of the jumperskirts! That's because originally it was the one piece. While I loved the print of Day Dream Carnival, I tossed up a lot over which cut I liked best. In the end? None really. However, when browsing for it anyway, I stumbled upon this lavender one piece- for under retail. No one was bidding so I went for it. I actually really like the style of the bodice, but I hated the organza sleeves. They really had no place for me and they would also likely be tight and uncomfortable. I can be fairly sensitive to the feel of fabrics, and I when I received the dress I could confirm that I didn't like the feel of it at all.

 And so I decided to remove the sleeves. Day Dream Carnival isn't built like most one pieces. As my research to see if this might be possible with some other prints that I liked but didn't like the jumperskirt cuts would show me- most one pieces have sleeves that seem like nothing more than large elastic straps. The organza sleeves were instead attached with a binding along the inside- perfect for me!

I unpicked the stitching along the binding and then removed the organza from the bodice. Once the bodice was free, I repinned the organza and hand sewed in a matching lavender thread over where the original stitching had been.

I took about two hours to do each arm, I think. I am a bit slow and the thread may have matched a little too well! Because I had a nap I couldn't finish it on Saturday, so I did finished it this morning before the Melbourne Lolita's Swap and Sell. I'll have pictures up shortly!

Using a little charm from the neck ties and some ribbon from my sewing supplies, I made a tiny hair piece to complement the outfit. I think though that I really need to make or buy some new lavender pieces. Also Thali told me today, that she has never worn this blouse before and since I liked it so much I could keep it! Thank you so much! I'm so lucky~ ♥

Thanks for looking~

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