Sunday, May 11, 2014

Emily Temple Cute Patisserie NOP Arrival

 If you recall I spoke about highly coveting this piece in a previous post- and well, here it is! The story behind this piece is one of faulty shopping carts, popular releases, false hopes and tears. And yet hopefully the start of some real expansion of my tastes. Previously I could only find myself buying Angelic Pretty- why buy something else when I could buy things I wanted most of all from AP? And then there was Sweetie Violet.

 Isn't the print beautiful?

Well, on the day of Sweetie Violet's release, I decided I would try for the one piece. Between myself and my dear Thali, we managed to get the lavender one piece in the cart! A miracle- alas. Upon clicking the payment confirmation button, I was told instead that my cart was empty. The item had been removed from my cart. There had actually previously been a notice made by AP that this had occured with one of their first releases. I thought that meant they had fixed it. Apparently not. And so the Sweetie Violet OP was sold out. I have to admit I was upset, it had been in my cart and I had decided to sell off another piece to get it after all!

Instead Thali took to the auctions to find me this, though it was up in both mint and pink- in the end I chose the pink. I think I made an excellent choice, although the pink is much warmer in tone than I am used to.  I adore it. Probably far more than Sweetie Violet. This does not mark my first non-AP dress, in fact I've owned a few Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Innocent World pieces before, but it's the first of its kind for some time. Thus the tyranny of AP ends. I still love and adore AP, no doubt about that, but as their sizing continues to grow I think I will be focusing as much as possible on obtaining older pieces I have been after and finding newer more versatile pieces.

It's such a silly thing, isn't it? But it's really important to me. 

Plus it was found with the assistance of Thali, how much more perfect can it be?

Since then I have looked through lolibrary and the archives of the ETC blog and found a few things I am interested in. I made a small wishlist of a few pieces that have caught my eye- some of them I have known of for a while, such as Cake and Cream (I almost bought it a few years ago, but predictably I bought AP instead), some I had saved recently as things to look for on my next trip to Japan (Cupcake and Cutlery) and the other I noticed checking up on the ETC webshop (Popcorn, I can't resist thee). It's a bit strange probably but I'm excited to see what I will decide to add next to my wardrobe (which is hopefully a little way in the future ... although in the end I did buy Sweetie Violet in the skirt! I have asked my friend to hold it for me for now, so that I might reward myself with it in the future. I'm hoping to make a cute little pastel coloured vest/bustier to match it!).

Thanks for looking~


  1. Oh congrats on both your first ETC and getting Sweetie Violets! I knew of your hardships with the latter, and thank goodness you managed to get it anyway~ Good luck with your newfound ETC love and wishlist, dear!~ x

    1. Thank you dear~ It was truly a battle! And I think I may need it (though I am avoiding be too interested in any of the very very popular ETC pieces so far!).