Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Uniqlo x Sanrio Little Twin Stars

Uniqlo x Sanrio Little Twin Stars T-Shirt
Angelic Pretty 2012 Lucky Pack Boston Bag and Tea Parties in Pink
Liz Lisa Skirt
Handmade and Offbrand Accessories

Recently, as I think I said before, Uniqlo opened in Melbourne. It's the first in Australia- it's true, previously we were sadly bereft of Uniqlo goodness! We even have a (poorly stocked) online store now. Finally I can buy all of the cute collaboration t-shirts and my favourite home wear track pants without hassle. It is truly blissful. We also had H&M open here also, however we finally visited today (they've had a line up for quite some time so we never bothered) and well ... I would rather buy elsewhere. The price is tolerable, but the quality is not. I'll just stick to taobao, I think.

Everything is Angelic Pretty except for the t-shirt, of course.

I've not been so good lately, so I've had to sell some things to make up for buying other things. It's terrible. I needed to renew my motivation and distract myself from the sales of others. Thankfully it seems AP are moving on to their Autumn/Winter collections and I traditionally have little interest in them. I also recently started playing Guild Wars 2 (thanks to my friend!), it's fun but I get lost easily. 

In order to motivate myself, I started (or in some respects continued) to plan a holiday. Originally I hoped to go to Japan for New Year, but I have revised the schedule and instead we will try for a little later in the year (northern spring or autumn, we do not like summer) and will also try to go to visit the UK (but I am leaving that planning to Thali) and France (with a weekend trip to Bruges, at Thali's request). I am planning meticulously, but of course always open to suggestions since I do not know France like I do Japan (I have planned Japan meticulously, but unfortunately I only know of 18th century France!).

As for my personal projects, I hope to have a little more free time and desire to sew for myself soon. I have four different colours of chiffon, so I am going to choose a blouse pattern I like from the Otome no Sewing books. I hope I will have some progress to report this month ... of course, we will see!

I hope your plans progress well, personally I love making them. Now if I only I could keep to them.

Thanks for looking~


  1. Lovely outfits! We have an H&M where I live, but no Uniqlo. :(


  2. Thank you! Hopefully one will be able to open near you one day soon, I really love Uniqlo * ^ *