Thursday, May 29, 2014

Of Dream Dresses and Things I Like the Most

The lovely Deer Alice made a post about dresses and prints she liked the most, and so I thought I would follow suit since the topic interested me! I chose five things I liked when it came to lolita dresses, and finally (after at least a day of thinking) I was able to decide which dress at the moment was absolutely my ultimate dream dress!

(Somewhat predictably, everything is Angelic Pretty ... When it comes to lolita, it seems AP are still No.1 in my heart!)

When I think of my first lolita loves it is all sorts of different Sweet Treats! When I started the fashion, Old School style lolita was just on it's way out. In fact Magical Etoile had just been released (this year came full circle when it was re-released, haha!) and prints and Angelic Pretty were growing in popularity. Sweets and cakes and candies are often used in lolita but I absolutely love it (for some reason I'm not sure of) when prints use vibrant colour schemes, as pictured above. I think it really helps the print pop and makes them some of my favourites. 

Of the above, I actually own two- I once had Little Bear's Cafe in the mint salopette. Salopette style didn't really suit me, but I love love loved the colour and the adorable little bears and pastries. It seems they release something in a similar vein (the brown accent is common in the above don't you think) at least once a year- I'm excited to see what might be next!

In a bit of contrast, lately my feelings of adoration have been moving towards these kinds of Romantic Pastel dresses and prints! The more elegant cuts, the soft colours and the whimisical print themes feel like everything I've ever wanted from lolita. In fact, I'd like that to be the theme of my wardrobe in the future (sweets aside, they'll always have a place in my wardrobe and heart!).

One of my indulgences of late is to try and find more classic styled accessories in colours suitable for wearing with sweeter dresses such as these. I love the way they come together, elegant enough to walk through a beautiful rose garden and something with which you could pair an extravagant hat (I have grand plans indeed).

When it comes to trends in lolita, I think a lot of them are often more subtle. There is always a lot of talk around the end of the year that 'AP is going classic' when the A/W line is generally along the same theme as the last year. But without a doubt there has been a growing trend in lolita of beautiful Comfortable Chiffon pieces. I can absolutely agree with Deer Alice that the trend for new fabrics in lolita is absolutely wonderful! They have such a soft elegance (even for more cutsie prints) that lends itself to that romantic idea I have, plus they are super comfortable! Chiffon pieces also often tend to come in more relaxed, casual styles and that is absolutely something I can get behind.

Every year AP do their best to release at least one Screen Printed piece (sometimes two!) and I look forward to with so much anticipation! I love the glittery screen prints and the pieces are often so beautifully designed (Radiant Candlight has to be one of the most beautiful series, every piece and colour is perfect). My great hope is to be able to accquire Aqua Princess one day, but I also hope that AP one day do something similar to Gloria. I really love the design and look of Gloria (and it comes in pink!) but I am very much not fond of religious iconography on myself and so I wait!

Finally one of my favourite things in the world is AP's Macaron Tartan fabric. My favourite of it's colours is the mint (with lavender and pink) but I'm also very fond of the sax and pink. I don't know about the others, but the Low Waist JSK on the left has the lovliest fabric with pretty glittery threads running through the print! I don't know if they'll release something with this pattern/fabric again in these specific colours but I will continue to look out in case they do. 

I'd like to collect as many of the pieces as I can in the future- especially the shorts! I believe I saw them released but they slipped my mind. Currently I cannot believe it has happened, I need them in my life. The hunt is most certainly on. Luckily they didn't seem to be popular and don't appear to have a high resale. Unluckily they seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. I guess if  you see them (or want to sell them!) please let me know!

And finally without further ado, my absolute ultimate dream dress ... of the moment! Romantic Rose Letter (specifically this style and colour, though I might be convinced to settle for lavender or pink). It fits perfectly into the idea of Romantic Pastels and I can only kick myself for not trying to sell something to buy it when it was released, though then it may not have appeared here.

I did indeed have to mull this over for some time (and I asked at least three people about it- what is my dream?) and decided that it had to be something I didn't yet own, that I would hunt down mercilessly but that almost seemed hopelessly unattainable and sits proudly as the top priority of my wishlist. Well this is it!

I have of course had such dream dresses before that I have been lucky enough to obtain. Those were Magical Etoile in pink and Rose Toilette in mint. If I had not have been able to obtain Cat's Tea Party in the reservation (thank you so so much to chibi_tenshi) I imagine it may have appeared here. Though as something that would be so far out of my reach second hand I think I might have chosen to pretend it didn't exist instead ... I like to think though that I am not someone so likely to give up!
And so it will be the same for Romantic Rose Letter ... one day, I will have you!

Thanks for looking~


  1. Everything is so cute!!
    I really like the Angelic Pretty Cosmic dress (◍•ᴗ•◍)